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Social Media Image Sizes 2016

Starting to design cover photos, graphics, and other social media stuff, you will think and look for correct resources on how to place text, recommended dimensions, image scale, and more for your personal or business's social media photo sizes. If you are finding for a detailed guide to that then here is it.

This nice infographic that was created by Jamie Spencer of shows you eight social media sites with each of image size requirements so that you can make your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ accounts better. The infographic shares the current, correct dimensions, and some tips for each site so your images always look more awesome.

Photo & Image Dimensions for the 8 Social Media Sites


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Quick Notes

Facebook Image Sizes
  • Cover photo: 851 px wide by 315 px tall
  • Profile image: 180 px wide by 180 px tall
  • Highlighted image: 1200 px wide by 717 px tall
  • Shared image: 1200 px wide by 630 px tall
  • Shared link thumbnail image: 1200 px wide by 627 px tall
LinkedIn Image Sizes
  • Background image: 1500 px wide by 425 px tall
  • Profile image: 400 px wide by 400 px tall
  • Career cover photo: 974 px wide by 330 px tall
  • Banner image: 646 px wide by 220 px tall (minimum)
  • Standard logo: 400 px wide by 400 pixels tall (maximum)

YouTube Image Sizes
  • Video uploads: 1280 px wide by 760 px tall
  • Channel cover photo: 2560 px wide by 1440 px tall 
Instagram Image Sizes
  • Profile image: 110 px wide by 110 px tall
  • Photo size: 1080 px wide by 1080 px tall
  • Photo thumbnails: 161 px wide by 161 px tall
Twitter Image Sizes
  • Header photo: 1500 px wide by 500 px tall
  • Profile image: 400 px wide by 400 px tall
  • In-stream photo: 440 px wide by 220 px tall
Pinterest Image Sizes
  • Profile image: 165 px wide by 165 px tall
  • Board display: 22 px wide by 150 px tall
  • Pin sizes: 236 px wide
Tumblr Image Sizes
  • Profile image: 128 px wide by 128 px tall 
  • Image post: 500 px wide by 750 px tall
Google+ Image Sizes
  • Profile image: 250 px wide by 250 px tall
  • Cover image: 1080 px wide by 608 px tall
  • Shared image (on home stream): 497 px wide by 373 px tall
  • Shared image (on feed or your page): 150 px wide by 150 px tall

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The 2016 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

According to a 2015 research study by the Open Institute and the Asia Foundation collected in September 2015 shows that Cambodia’s phone market is already saturated, with over 94% of Cambodians claiming to own their own phone, and more than 99% being reachable through some sort of phone. The proportion of citizens using more than one phone was only 13.1% while one Cambodian in four uses more than one operator. These numbers are similar to those reported in previous years.

The results show that 63.3% of Cambodians own phones with Khmer script capability. The use of such phones is more common among men (67.6%) than women (49%) and more common in urban areas (67%) than rural (61.7%).

Some 39.5% of users were found to have at least one smartphone. The ability of phones to display Khmer is more common in smartphones (78%) than in dumb phones (56.3%). The capability of smartphones users’ ability to display Khmer improved with the education level of their owner.

It was found that almost a third of Cambodians have access to the Internet and Facebook and that most of the people in this group have their own Facebook accounts. Smartphones are by far the most common means of accessing Facebook; only 3% of users access the social media site solely through computers while 80% access it exclusively through phones.

Internet/Facebook use has risen to become in 2015 the second most important channel for Cambodians to access information—trailing the only TV (30% vs 24%)—having surpassed radio (20%) and continuing to gain market share yearly.

To increase the rate of adoption, the development of better text-prediction and input methods for Khmer script in phones is recommended.

Mobile Phones and Internet in Cambodia 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Free Basics by Facebook Available in Cambodia
[Screenshot of FreeBasics in Khmer]

[Cambodia at A Glance] The total population in Cambodia was last recorded at 15.33 million people in 2014 reported by the World Bank. The internet subscriptions increased from 3.86 million in 2013 to over 6.2 million in 2015 (1). The below chart illustrates the growth figures:

Internet Subscriber in Cambodia 2015

And the number of mobile phone subscribers had over 21 million (21,692,144 subscribers) at the 2nd quarter of 2015 (2) - the increasing leads Cambodia became the first country in the world with more mobile phones than fixed-line phones (3). The below chart illustrates the figures:
Mobile Phone Subscribers in Cambodia 2015

With the use of smartphones and internet home use surging, Khmer youth are increasingly using social media. The most used social platform is by no doubt Facebook with 1.2 million users in 2014 (4). The below graph which is illustrated by StatCounter Global Stats about Top 7 Social Media Sites in Cambodia from Jan 2014 to Oct 2015 (All platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Console), Facebook is really the most popular social media in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

By seeing that, in a post yesterday (in Khmer languge), Smart Axiata in cooperation with Facebook want all Cambodians to explore the magic of Internet which provides you access to basic Internet resources, FREE OF CHARGE.

Free Basics empowers you to discover and access lots of information out of diverse topics:
  • Study
  • Business
  • Health
  • Entertainment 
If you are new to the world of Internet, THIS is for you! To use, simply download the “Free Basics by Facebook” Android App or go to from your phone, exclusively for Smart subscribers.
Smart ចង់អោយប្រជាជនកម្ពុជាទាំងអស់បានស្វែងយល់ពី­ភាពអស្ចារ្យរបស់អុិនធឺណិត ហេតុនេះហើយទើប Smart បានសហការជាមួយ Facebook ដើម្ប...
Posted by Smart Axiata on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Free Basics is a new project of Facebook company, which recently uses in the world, and Cambodia is the 22nd country where Facebook launched this project. The purpose of project with the collaboration of Smart is to connect people more than 1 million people have access to basic Internet resources for free.
 All users who are using the Smart company's services are able to use some basic level which are useful both Khmer and English including the website of Facebook,, Wikipedia, Ask, Bing, Messenger. The service will run from today onwards (5).


Free Basics by Facebook Available in Cambodia

Today when I have shared a content on my workplace social media page, CJCC's Facebook, it is surprised to me while I check back the content I posted on the page.
Do you know what makes me surprised on Facebook?
It is a Hash tag "#" just a feature or a sign that I always use it to promote contents generated automatically to another short-text-share social media, Twitter, and I have been waiting for on this most popular network as well.

What does Hash tag "#" on social media give advantage for you?
Let me express my personal view on this tag "# - Hash" that is used by popular social media networks like Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, and recent days on Facebook to help people more easily discover what others are saying about a specific topic and participate in public conversations. It helps you to increase or improve your SEO when your contents sharing any linked topics on it.

Facebook's Hashtags are clickable and allow you to add context to a post or indicate that it is part of a larger discussion. When you click on a hashtag in Facebook, you'll see a feed of what other people and Pages are saying about that event or topic.
And referring to a post on Newsroom that explained as the following:
Hashtags are just the first step to help people more easily discover what others are saying about a specific topic and participate in public conversations. We'll continue to roll out more features in the coming weeks and months, including trending hashtags and deeper insights, that help people discover more of the world's conversations.
So I hope we will get more nice features for the-introduce-hashtags in Facebook on next coming days.

How Facebook's Hashtags differentiate with other social medias?
The below I have raised up some experiences (how-to, what can or cannot ...) that found through my daily use on them (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr):

• Clickable on both desktop's web interface (smart device's one, on the way?)
• Search for a specific hashtag from your search bar. For example, #KhmerRoyalPalace (as above photo).
• Click on hashtags that originate on other services, such as Instagram or inside comments (it's a nice point I prefer).
• Compose posts directly from the hashtag feed and search results
• Searchable by filling in URL address (, just copy this url into internet browser then replace on the word "FillingText" what you want to search for, available only when user logged-in.

• Clickable on both desktop's web interface & smart devices's apps
• Powerful search on hash topic on Search box, only on desktop's web interface (type "#" in front of word, e.g. #Cambodia)
• Categorical search hash topic such as Everything, People, Communities, Google+ posts, Photos, and more & view-able by Best of or Most recent (available on desktop's web interface)
• Searchable by filling in URL address (, just copy this url into internet browser then replace on the word "FillingText" what you want to search for even there's no user log-in.

• Clickable on both desktop's web interface & smart devices's apps
• Searchable on hash topic on Search box (type "#" in front of word, e.g. #Cambodia)
• View-able hash topic by Top or All
• Searchable by filling in URL address (, just copy this url into internet browser then replace on the word "FillingText" what you want to search for even there's no user log-in.

• Clickable only on smart devices's apps
• Searchable on hash topic only by smart device's apps
• No view-able hash topic by category (on smart device)
• No search on URLs

• Clickable on both desktop's web interface & smart devices's apps
• Searchable on hash topic on Search box while viewing any topic
• Main view-able hash topic as slideshow
• Searchable by filling in URL address ( or personal url (e.g., just copy this url into internet browser then replace on the word "FillingText" what you want to search for even there's no user log-in.

Finally, what the most hash tags have been used nicely and let start to use it as marketing campaign.

Facebook Reveals Hashtags While Others Ready

Today when +Song Sopheaktra, my colleague spoke out loudly "Wow!! Google+ cover photo got Bigger now!" around 4:00 P.M. At the time I have checked my Google+ profile to view it, then I got the highlight popup to inform me to update it to new cover photo.
It's cool that I can upload a big photo to my profile but I think it's a bit big, if anyone surfs their profile using slow speed internet, it will cause them loading slowly, so will it make them bored?
Luckily, presently even in my beloved country, Cambodia, Internet connection that most users use is improving much more if compared to last 4 or 5 years ago. But what I felt a bit strange on this information to update to new cover one, why Google+ doesn't give me like "Read more..." on this point; I wonder is there any policy or rule to upload it. Anyway, I hope Google+ will not ban or strict much on cover photo as Facebook does.

For my own experience on the cover, the previous one the size of photo was 940px X 160px but the new one is from minimum 960px X 545px up to 2120px X 1192px.

Finally, I can say "Yes" I like the new cover photo, and how about you?

Google+ just roll out Bigger Cover Photo

Announcing Instagram Web Profiles!
I am a lover of photography too beside blogging, social media and designing stuff. For today, I check out my Instagram app on my iOS device, I see an alert "Announcing Instagram Web Profiles!" then I feel happy to see that because I am myself waiting for that kind of URL name (I used to check the web profile often since I've token into this nice app).

For few main features that I like such as:
- 18 photo color adjustment options (include 1 option for normal or default photo color),
- Two focused tools (circle & rectangular)
- Rotation tool
- Frame tool
- Bright adjustment tool
- 5 social media sharing options (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Foursquare) + Email
- And anther nice feature "Geootagged" - location positioning that powered by Foursqare.

All above features and options that I think Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy Instagram for roughly $1 billion in a combination of cash and stock this year 2012.

Here's my web profile on Instagram, Check it out below:
my Instagram web profile
Would you like to get it ONE? Check it here (@App Store or @Google Play) for your smart mobile!

Instagram announces Web Profiles!

CJCC's LinkedIn page with new banner
I am a person in charge of social media of CJCC's pages on LinkedIn and others as well. As in my previous post about a text sharing social media, twitter updating its profile page with an image, today, 5th October 2012, I've checked this page, CJCC's LinkedIn, it's showing up with a notification on updating the page with a banner. So, I am checking out by following LinkedIn instruction and its banner image resolution & size.

Do you want this new feature of Linked page?

If yes, please go to LinkedIn address, sign in your profile account with password then go to your company menu "Companies" just take a mouse over on it, next kindly choose your company page to be edited; next go to the edit tab "Edit" at the top-right corner, then finally go to the image section by scrolling down a bit.
Note: Please read the following for image requirements/instruction:
- Image type/format: PNG, JPEG, or GIF with max size 2 MB
- Image resolution: 646x220 pixels (if bigger you still can upload but it will be cropped in the size)

I have checked out some popular social medias, LinkedIn itself, Facebook and other two mobile phone pages, Samsung Mobile, and Nokia. Would you like to see what their pages look like, please check the below:



Samsung Mobile:


So, I hope you also like this new feature as me too. Let enjoy it!!!! 

LinkedIn upgrades the company page's new look

All popular social medias (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn ...), they are keeping updated often; so this month, September, Twitter, a popular one in sharing linked text, also makes an update on its new profile that allows users to put an image as header like other social medias (Facebook & Google+) - its new profile goes to a new tab called "Me". While I'd checked my twitter profile on 19th September 2012, I saw a new notification about new feature of it, New Profile (with header image) but it officially sent this news on 29th to users' email. After getting that news, I tried a design image for header by following its recommendation on file's dimension, 1200x600, and maximum size, 5MB but unfortunately I made it in less than 500K, so while uploading, it doesn't show. Ok, let have a look how it's different between the old & the new profile both in web browser and mobile.
Twitter - old profile  | web browser view

Twitter - new profile  | web browser view

Twitter - new profile  | mobile view
Twitter - old profile  | mobile view
How do you think for this new feature of Twitter? And Do you like it?
If you also like it as me, so please go to your twitter account then go to to upload your favorite header image.

Twitter shows its new profile

I am a person who like using social medias: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn for the purpose of personal and professional ways. Today when I check my work place Facebook Page, then just take a short switch to my personal profile to share some photos for my colleague (mostly I post only when breaking time), I see a new alert from Facebook "New! more beautiful view of photos". For my own view, I really like this new feature.

What's new in the feature?
When you want to view or take a look of your photos, in Facebook Timeline, with this feature you will see the default of Photos of You (total number of photos that your friends or fans tagged for you) showing in a row of 4 photos. And next it shows the Photos (your own photos only), it also displays in a row of 4 photos but what's different in the album? In this you can see the total number of your albums created , and you can create new one as well. What I like it is when hovering over the album, it will show the photos in that one randomly (the layout of displaying the album in 3 ones in a row).

Facebook mentions on three main features as the following:
1. Highlight your favorites (to make a photo bigger):
You can make your photo bigger than previous style by click the start symbol (*) in the corner of the photo. In this feature, if you click on one photo to highlight, your photo will auto-arrange, and if you keep clicking to view another photo next to previous one, it will show or display only two photos in a row; it's so cool.

2. Easily add details (Edit or Remove option):
To go to this feature, you can click on the pencil (in the right corner of your photo) then you can choose some options such as:
- Add Location (it's available when your photo posted without setting location)
- Change Date, - Make Profile Picture, - Make Cover, - Delete This Photo
- Make as Spam (shows only in the photo you set location already)

 3. Like and comment right there
When you hover over a photo of  yours, you can like or comment  with one click.

Finally, this is what I just want to share what improvement that this most popular social media is trying to be up-to-date for its users worldwide.
So, if you find any more features beside what I mentioned, please kindly share or comment for sharing.

Facebook: New ! More Beautiful View of Photos

Do you think nowadays social media will change some day in the future?
For my own point, I think it will be changed day by day now as you see what you are reading this post on, your laptop, desktop  or your smart phone (iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy family etc.)? Yeah, of course few thought saying that it will change from present Social Media  to the future media. If so, what is the future one is called? It may call Digital Media, right? Uh.... No one knows the real name yet. So, please wait and see together on.

How long will Social Media 2012 be changed?

 I feel happy to see our language, Khmer Unicode, available in a most popular social media, Facebook website and other private or state ones. One day of January 2012, when I went to Cellcard Depo along the Kampuchea Krom Blvd waiting the customer service staff to be asked, I got on the circle chair to surf the internet that's free for all waiting customers, Wow!!! it made me more surprised (in my feeling) because I also won a Cellcard Cash Promotion on the day, and another one I surfed the Facebook's website ( then I took a look at the left-bottom finding Khmer Language; It's the second place showing it. So from now on, our Cambodian users or other users who know our language can register or change to ours (language, Khmer) by accessing to the default Facebook website or using this URL: For official Facebook in Khmer Language interface, please see the below photo.
Facebook in Khmer Language
If the existing users would like to change to Khmer Language, please read the below guideline:
To set your language, go to the bottom of the page you are on and click on the current language (in the left corner). Choose a new language from the menu.

You can also update your language on the Account Settings page:
  1. Open the account dropdown menu at the top right corner of Facebook and choose Account Settings.
  2. Next to Language, click the Edit link, then after choosing it already please click Save.
Facebook: Account Setting - Language

Facebook's available in Khmer Language

You may wonder what is Facebook Timeline? Yeah, it’s a new feature of Facebook, and its features describing the following:
Your timeline is your collection of the photos, stories, and experiences that tell your story. Here are some of the things you can do on your timeline:
  • Add a cover
  •  Edit your basic info
  •  Jump to the past
  • View your activity log
  • See highlights from each month
  • Star stories you want to highlight
  • Add life events
  • Update your status
  • View and add photos
  • Share your app activity
How do I get timeline?
Previously Facebook Inc. doesn’t provide the easy way to enable this feature, Facebook Timeline; at that time if you want this new feature, you have to create an app in the Facebook Page then apply for your own profile user, but now since the late December 2011, Facebook has launched it for public by three easy steps as below:
1    1.)    Go to the “About Timeline” page here:
2.)  Then please click on the “Get Timeline” button (Note: Make sure that you have logged in your Facebook already)
3.)  Last just click on the button “Publish Now”. After you have activated the Timeline you have to add a cover image in the header of your facebook profile and after that your profile will look as my profile.
If you can design the cover by your own, that’s great or you can download my sample size of it here "Facebook Cover".

What happens when I upgrade to timeline?
Once you upgrade, you’ll have 7 days to preview your timeline before other people can see it. You can use this time to add a coverfill in life events, and star important stories. After 7 days, your timeline will be published automatically. Or, you can choose to publish your timeline at any time by clicking the Publish Now button at the top of your timeline.

Note: Until your timeline goes live, people will see your old profile. Similarly, you won’t be able to see your friend’s timelines until they upgrade and publish.

[Tips] The easy way to enable Facebook Timeline by 3 clicks

First, I would like to show you all about what is Insights on Facebook as the following:

What are Insights?

Facebook Insights provides Facebook Page owners and Facebook Platform developers with metrics around their content. By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, Page owners and Platform developers are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook.

To see metrics on your Facebook Page or Platform application, go to the Insights Dashboard. Only Page administrators, application owners, and domain administrators can view Insights data for the properties they own or administer. To view comprehensive Insights on your specific Page, Platform application or website, click on the corresponding item on the left navigation bar.

Insights is a free service for all Facebook Pages and Facebook Platform application and websites. In addition to the Insights Dashboard, data is also available through the Graph API.

Facebook Page - Insights

It has useful features for the Facebook Page Admin, app owners such as Like, Reach, Talking About This.

Insights - Likes

Insights - Reach

Insights - Talking About This
And it can be exported as Excel or CSV format as well
Insights - Export Insights Data
Within the main page of Insights, there’re six tools as the below:
- Date: The day this post was published, in Pacific Standard Time.
 - Post: An extract from your post. Click on the text to see the full version.
- Post: An extract from your post. Click on the text to see the full version.
- Reach: The number of unique people who have seen your post.
- Reach: The number of unique people who have seen your post.
- Engaged Users: The number of unique people who have clicked anywhere on your post.
- Talking About This: The number of unique people who have created a story from your
Post. Stories include:
*Liking, commenting on or sharing your post
*Answering a Question
*Responding to an event
- Virality: The number of unique people who have created a story from your Page Post as a percentage of the number of unique people who’ve seen it.

Figures only include the first 28 days after the publication of the post. Only posts published after July 19th, 2011 are available.

More on Facebook Insights panel:
Facebook Help Center

[IT News] Facebook Page enables new Interface with some more functions of Insights on 12 Nov 2011 Protection Status © 2023