Facebook's available in Khmer Language

 I feel happy to see our language, Khmer Unicode, available in a most popular social media, Facebook website and other private or state ones. One day of January 2012, when I went to Cellcard Depo along the Kampuchea Krom Blvd waiting the customer service staff to be asked, I got on the circle chair to surf the internet that's free for all waiting customers, Wow!!! it made me more surprised (in my feeling) because I also won a Cellcard Cash Promotion on the day, and another one I surfed the Facebook's website (Facebook.com) then I took a look at the left-bottom finding Khmer Language; It's the second place showing it. So from now on, our Cambodian users or other users who know our language can register or change to ours (language, Khmer) by accessing to the default Facebook website or using this URL: http://km-kh.facebook.com. For official Facebook in Khmer Language interface, please see the below photo.
Facebook in Khmer Language
If the existing users would like to change to Khmer Language, please read the below guideline:
To set your language, go to the bottom of the page you are on and click on the current language (in the left corner). Choose a new language from the menu.

You can also update your language on the Account Settings page:
  1. Open the account dropdown menu at the top right corner of Facebook and choose Account Settings.
  2. Next to Language, click the Edit link, then after choosing it already please click Save.
Facebook: Account Setting - Language

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