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Welcome to ChamnanMuon.com!. My name is Muon Chamnan (in Khmer: មួន ចំណាន). I am originally from the countryside in Battambang province, and presently I live and work as IT guy, freelance ICT & digital marketing consultant, and trainer/speaker for Google productivity tools, focused on Google Workspace, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Muon Chamnan PhotoI am a simple man who likes blogging, social media management, digital marketing, business, startup, internet of things (IoT), ASEAN, infosec, content management system, mapping, and photography - A DIGITAL & Non-digital LOVER.
The blog was created since 2011 for the purpose of sharing personal knowledge, experiences, and facts that I have been experienced which are related to Digital Marketing, Social Media, BusinessTechnology, Tips, Eventand Entertainment, especially related to Khmer language appearing in today technology.

I hope that the blog will be a useful resource for your inquiries, and I would like to thank all readers who spend your valuable time reading my blog.
Knowledge is good only if it is shared. Catch up with the new-coming technology today together. ~ Muon Chamnan

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