Google+ just roll out Bigger Cover Photo

Today when +Song Sopheaktra, my colleague spoke out loudly "Wow!! Google+ cover photo got Bigger now!" around 4:00 P.M. At the time I have checked my Google+ profile to view it, then I got the highlight popup to inform me to update it to new cover photo.
It's cool that I can upload a big photo to my profile but I think it's a bit big, if anyone surfs their profile using slow speed internet, it will cause them loading slowly, so will it make them bored?
Luckily, presently even in my beloved country, Cambodia, Internet connection that most users use is improving much more if compared to last 4 or 5 years ago. But what I felt a bit strange on this information to update to new cover one, why Google+ doesn't give me like "Read more..." on this point; I wonder is there any policy or rule to upload it. Anyway, I hope Google+ will not ban or strict much on cover photo as Facebook does.

For my own experience on the cover, the previous one the size of photo was 940px X 160px but the new one is from minimum 960px X 545px up to 2120px X 1192px.

Finally, I can say "Yes" I like the new cover photo, and how about you?

Chamnan Muon

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