LinkedIn upgrades the company page's new look

CJCC's LinkedIn page with new banner
I am a person in charge of social media of CJCC's pages on LinkedIn and others as well. As in my previous post about a text sharing social media, twitter updating its profile page with an image, today, 5th October 2012, I've checked this page, CJCC's LinkedIn, it's showing up with a notification on updating the page with a banner. So, I am checking out by following LinkedIn instruction and its banner image resolution & size.

Do you want this new feature of Linked page?

If yes, please go to LinkedIn address, sign in your profile account with password then go to your company menu "Companies" just take a mouse over on it, next kindly choose your company page to be edited; next go to the edit tab "Edit" at the top-right corner, then finally go to the image section by scrolling down a bit.
Note: Please read the following for image requirements/instruction:
- Image type/format: PNG, JPEG, or GIF with max size 2 MB
- Image resolution: 646x220 pixels (if bigger you still can upload but it will be cropped in the size)

I have checked out some popular social medias, LinkedIn itself, Facebook and other two mobile phone pages, Samsung Mobile, and Nokia. Would you like to see what their pages look like, please check the below:



Samsung Mobile:


So, I hope you also like this new feature as me too. Let enjoy it!!!! 

Chamnan Muon

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