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I am a person who like using social medias: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn for the purpose of personal and professional ways. Today when I check my work place Facebook Page, then just take a short switch to my personal profile to share some photos for my colleague (mostly I post only when breaking time), I see a new alert from Facebook "New! more beautiful view of photos". For my own view, I really like this new feature.

What's new in the feature?
When you want to view or take a look of your photos, in Facebook Timeline, with this feature you will see the default of Photos of You (total number of photos that your friends or fans tagged for you) showing in a row of 4 photos. And next it shows the Photos (your own photos only), it also displays in a row of 4 photos but what's different in the album? In this you can see the total number of your albums created , and you can create new one as well. What I like it is when hovering over the album, it will show the photos in that one randomly (the layout of displaying the album in 3 ones in a row).

Facebook mentions on three main features as the following:
1. Highlight your favorites (to make a photo bigger):
You can make your photo bigger than previous style by click the start symbol (*) in the corner of the photo. In this feature, if you click on one photo to highlight, your photo will auto-arrange, and if you keep clicking to view another photo next to previous one, it will show or display only two photos in a row; it's so cool.

2. Easily add details (Edit or Remove option):
To go to this feature, you can click on the pencil (in the right corner of your photo) then you can choose some options such as:
- Add Location (it's available when your photo posted without setting location)
- Change Date, - Make Profile Picture, - Make Cover, - Delete This Photo
- Make as Spam (shows only in the photo you set location already)

 3. Like and comment right there
When you hover over a photo of  yours, you can like or comment  with one click.

Finally, this is what I just want to share what improvement that this most popular social media is trying to be up-to-date for its users worldwide.
So, if you find any more features beside what I mentioned, please kindly share or comment for sharing.

Chamnan Muon

Chamnan Muon is a blogger by passion and an IT guy by profession who has a huge interest in Google Services, Social Media, Technology, Digital Marketing, Business, Startup, ASEAN, IoT, and 360 Photography. He is also a freelance ICT and digital marketing consultant, and trainer, speaker for Google products, esp. on Google Workspace, in Cambodia. facebook twitter instagram linkedin youtube pinterest medium reddit

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