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I am writing here in order to share what I have found. This article, I found , from August 2011, Blogger (Google service) changed its interface to the new one that looks like its new service, Google+ which is running on beta yet; I really like this interface because make me easy to view (nice looking), manage on my blogger, and fast as well. Here's its photos:
Blogger Layout - Page Elements (Old Interface)
 And the below photo is the new Layout interface:
Blogger Layout (New Interface)
Blogger Pageview (New Interface)
Blogger Template (New Interface)
 As for this figure (Blogger Template), Google launches for us to be easy to manage blog template by customizing both in web browser view and the new one, mobile view. The mobile view template, I think it's really new one for Google; perhaps they wanna complete with Wordpress template.

If you all, my dear readers have any more idea, please feel free to share.

Blogger Changes to New Interface!

To take this occasion, I would like to wish everyone and my readers with long life, prosperity, happiness, peaceful, more beauty and more success in your career, especially please angel of the new year, Year of the Rabbit, blesses & takes care of you, your friends, your colleague, and your family for the whole year through. So Happy Khmer New Year 2011 together!!!!

Happy Khmer New Year 2011!

Since I have been employed for CJCC, this is my first staff party trip to a place, Mondonlkiri province, where I love to go and visit. I feel very happy to see the view not only reaching at the tourism site but also along the high way to the city. I just took some photo for my trip near the roundabout where is the symbol of the city. In order to remember the place that I have visited, so I collect some information to post here, in my blog, and to share for my reader as well.
Please read the info below that related to Mondulkiri.

Here's some more information of this province:

Photo by Chamnan
Mondolkiri (Khmer: មណ្ឌលគីរី) is an eastern province of Cambodia. It is the most sparsely populated province in the country despite being the largest in land area. The capital is Senmonorom town. Mondulkiri is known for its forested hills and powerful waterfalls, and it's also a candidate for eco-tourism in Cambodia.

Minorities/Hill Tribes of Mondulkiri
80 percent of the Mondulkiri's population is made up of ten tribal minorities, with the majority of them being Pnong. The remaining 20 percent are Khmer, Chinese and Muslim Cham. The population lives off the land, planting rice, fruit trees and a variety of vegetables. Others grow strawberries, coffee, rubber and cashew nuts. Although more and more houses are built in 'Khmer style', you still can find the traditional Phnong houses. In the houses you'll find big jars, which are said to be more than a thousand years old, and traditional gongs. There are various sorts of gongs used at different occasions. Jars and gongs are among the most valuable possessions of indigenous communities both in traditional and spiritual as well as material terms. During the times of Pol Pot those objects were buried in hidden places in the jungle and in many cases they still wait in the ground.

Many majestic waterfalls are found in Mondulkiri.
Bou Sra Waterfall
Located at Pich Chinda District, 43 kilometers from Senmonorom town, Bou Sra is the largest waterfall, made famous by a popular Khmer song in Mondulkiri and has two stages.
Senmonorom Waterfall
5 km from town and an easy walk, is not much to look at and used to be a nice picnic spot until the Japanese built a hydro electric power station there and stole all the water.
Romnea Waterfall
10 kilometers from Senmonorom, is actually 1 of 3 large waterfalls that has now been deforested and privatised by a Guesthouse.

  • Pou Lung, 10 km (15 min) from Senmonorom
  • Pou Trou, 20 km (1 hour) from Senmonorom
  • Pou Tang, 8 km (30 min) from Senmonorom

Mondolkiri Trip 18-19-20 March 2011

Even though Christmas is not our Cambodian traditional festival, but I'm here, just would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone with good luck, good health, full joys, happiness, long life, and especially get success all your work. Please give your friends, colleague, families or your loves gifts that you would like, and join with them again on countdown day to celebrate the International New Year...!. As for me, I have only these cards for you all :-).
My International New Year 2011 e-card

My X-Mas e-cards

Happy Merry Christmas & Happy International New Year 2011!

Well, I feel I've missed my blog for few months on which I've failed to post a new content or any cuz I'm busy with my work. Just today I have designed some own simple logos but here I posted publicly only a few. It's not nice design cuz of not using any professional design app software.

my own simple logo

My personal logo

May you and your families be blessed with a peaceful and prosperous living for the whole year through. And also please New Year Angel 2010 takes care of you & your familes.

Happy Khmer New Year 2010!

For my view, now our country, Cambodia, has been getting a step into the international stage ( or global) after and before having border dispute with Thailand. And nowadays even forcing that issue along with diplomatic problem, the country still gets strong to attract global visitors, investors etc. to come in Kingdom of Wonder...!!!

Here's a pic of mine took at dispute border, world inheritage temple, Preah Vihear.

Below pics took at Preah Vihear template on the top of mount, oh....! I felt cool at that time, weather got a bit cold.

After visited on the top, a soldier guide guided us through army way/road, it's hard to walk but got fun. Then took this pic at the gate facing to Thailand side.

Below, sitting at Sambok Khmom, a place where our army faced closely to Thai's, in here to contribute some boxes of cigarette to the soldiers, Khmer and two Thailand soldiers, dressed black T-shirt. We got proud that they stayed in touch of good relation each other.

Me, N.A.N with Aaran boy at Ankorwat template, Siem Reap.

Nice view at Koh Kong.........along with fresh air.

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