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For my view, now our country, Cambodia, has been getting a step into the international stage ( or global) after and before having border dispute with Thailand. And nowadays even forcing that issue along with diplomatic problem, the country still gets strong to attract global visitors, investors etc. to come in Kingdom of Wonder...!!!

Here's a pic of mine took at dispute border, world inheritage temple, Preah Vihear.

Below pics took at Preah Vihear template on the top of mount, oh....! I felt cool at that time, weather got a bit cold.

After visited on the top, a soldier guide guided us through army way/road, it's hard to walk but got fun. Then took this pic at the gate facing to Thailand side.

Below, sitting at Sambok Khmom, a place where our army faced closely to Thai's, in here to contribute some boxes of cigarette to the soldiers, Khmer and two Thailand soldiers, dressed black T-shirt. We got proud that they stayed in touch of good relation each other.

Me, N.A.N with Aaran boy at Ankorwat template, Siem Reap.

Nice view at Koh Kong.........along with fresh air.

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