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First They Killed My Father - A Film by Angelina Jolie

After knowing the release announcement of Jailbreak movie - the biggest Cambodian action film at the end of this month that I have already planned to watch, now this new movie 'First They Killed My Father' which was directed by one of my favorite Hollywood actresses, Angelina Jolie, whom most of Cambodian movie-lovers also know well, I have to arrange my schedule to watch it in February.

Before getting to know the film a bit more, have you ever read a book 'First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers' by Ms. Loung Ung? If you did that is great but if not, and still interested, you can find it on Amazon. Honestly, I have never read it neither.

According to the official Facebook page, Netflix is proud to announce that the Cambodian premiere of the film will take place on 18th February in Cambodia. The premiere will be followed by other screenings around the country. Director Angelina Jolie is delighted to be returning to Cambodia, to fulfill her promise to premiere the film first for Cambodian people. The film, shot entirely in the Khmer language and with a Cambodian cast, was made for and by the Cambodian people. Angelina is looking forward to sharing this moment with them, alongside Loung Ung, whose story is told in the film, and her fellow producer Rithy Panh - his film 'The Missing Picture' got in the list of the 2014 Oscar Nominees.

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About the Film
First They Killed My Father (or in Khmer: មុនដំបូងខ្មែរក្រហម សម្លាប់ប៉ារបស់ខ្ញុំ) is the adaptation of Cambodian author and human rights activist Loung Ung’s gripping memoir of surviving the deadly Khmer Rouge regime from 1975 to 1978. The story is told through her eyes, from the age of five, when the Khmer Rouge came to power, to nine years old. The film depicts the indomitable spirit and devotion of Loung and her family as they struggle to stay together during the Khmer Rouge years. The film was shot on location in Cambodia, between November 2015 and February 2016. It was filmed entirely in the Khmer language, and is the largest movie ever made in the country. The cast is made up entirely of Cambodian actors. Cambodian technicians, artisans and crafts people comprised the largest portion of the crew, along with more than 3,500 Cambodian background actors.
It is the largest movie ever made in the country, Cambodia.
Watch (clip): Director's & Producer's views, and some highlight scenes of the film

You also can see some of the behind-the-scene slide photos that photographed by Sabay News team.

How to Watch it?

  • Save your date on February 18, 2017 at 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm and buy the ticket to watch it at any nearby theatres in Cambodia.
  • Or watch it online (any device, anywhere and anytime): you have to wait for the official release on Netflix movies on September 15, 2017 (maybe, as mentioned on the Facebook page), and you have to subscribe for monthly service on Netflix Cambodia (the fee starting from Basic $7.99, Standard $9.99, and Premium $11.99 per month) with two type of payment methods (Credit cards: Visa, Master, AMEX, and Paypal).
You have known the release date in Cambodia and for online streaming already so which way you will choose to watch? Will you really want to watch it?

[Update] First They Killed My Father Arrives Netflix on September 15,  2017.  Let watch the official trailer (HD Video) below:

For me, I will go to watch at the cinema. Hope to see you there in Phnom Penh city!

Have something to share, please drop it in the comment below.

First They Killed My Father Movie to Screen on February 18, 2017 in Cambodia

Jailbreak Movie Poster

Are you waiting for the release schedule of Cambodian action movie, Jailbreak? Do you want to see Khmer traditional martial arts featured in this movie?

In my previous post about the Jailbreak movie, it is the biggest Cambodian action blockbuster that you should wait to watch at the end of next month. 

After produced 'Jailbreak' in two years, Mr. Jimmy Henderson, Director, told Sabay News that it spends more than USD 300,000 with nearly 100 stunt performers, and some parts of technical production took to Malaysia for high quality film in order to expose Cambodian cinemas abroad.

The movie is scheduled to premiere in theatres on January 31, 2017 ahead.

Here's a brief summary of Jailbreak:
  • Language: Khmer
  • Subtitle: English
  • Release Date: January 31, 2017 (Cambodia)
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Running Time: 90 Minutes
  • Produced by: Kongchak Pictures
  • Distributor: Westec Media Limited
  • Cast: Jean-Paul Ly, Dara Our, Savin Phillip, Céline Tran, Tharoth Sam, Sirivudh Sisowath, and more 
  • Director: Jimmy Henderson
  • Format: 2D

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Watch: Jailbreak - the first official teaser trailer (HD)

“Playboy” is an important key to find the secret gang leader of the “Butterflies” behind all the dark business, he is sent into the secure Prey Kla Prison. To escort him, Police Officer from France Mr. Ly and his supportive partners from Cambodia Officer Dara, Socheat and Tharoth. After a prisoner rebellion the groups gets trapped in the prison. What will happen to all the police in Prey Kla? What fate will Playboy get when all the prisoners are looking forward to killing him? Will they escape or die?

READ: [Video] The Beauty of Battambang City

[Update]: Watch JAILBREAK Official Trailer (HD)

Do you like this movie, and will you watch it? Bookmark your calendar on the 31.01.2017 in cinemas. For more details, check out the Jailbreak’s official website or Facebook page.

The Jailbreak Movie Will be Released on January 31, 2017

Cambodian Stunt Team
A group photo after Jailbreak movie training on May 21, 2016. Source: Cambodian Stunt Team's Facebook Page
Cambodia has become a part of film spot interested by the foreign filmmakers?. If you used to watch 'TRANSFORMERS 3 : Dark side of the moon', you would notice that part of the movie was shot at Angkor temple. Not only this foreign movie but also other ones such as Lara Croft : Tomb Raider, Almayer's Folly, Same Same But Different, The Sea Wall, City of Ghosts, Holy Lola, Two Brothers, R Point etc., according to The Cambodia Film Commission.
Recently, the number of local films have been produced more and more, and in those there is also action movie category, and I think that the action films gaining more popular nationwide among other categories but it still faced some challenges on finding the stunt team to support.

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Seeing this opportunity, a group of Bokator team has created a professional Bokator stunt team, Cambodian Stunt Team, whose already filmed in several movies in Cambodia. They come from many Bokator training schools  - with the main purpose is very simple, they just want to change and improve action film in Cambodia.

Let’s have a look how good they are. You can watch the video below:

Are you interested in joining their team or hiring for your project? Please keep in touch with them on the official Facebook page.

The First Martial Arts Stunt Team In Cambodia

The Beauty of Battambang City

Have you ever visited Battambang province? What are your places of interest?

Battambang located in the northwestern of Cambodia which contains 14 districts, 92 communes, and 800 villages. It is the second most popular city in the country after Phnom Penh. The provincial capital, also Battambang, has always been a popular destination for its nearby ancient temples, French colonial architecture, bamboo train, traditional Cambodian houses, Khmer Rouge period killing fields, and Buddhist shrines. Th town is at the heart of Cambodia's 'rice bowl', and it maintains an untouched, bucolic feel.

Places of interest include Phnom Sampeu, a hill with caves of Buddha statues; the 12th Century Prasat Snung, Wat Banan, an Angkorian temple now occupied as a Buddhist shrine; Wat Baydamram where thousands of fruit bats reside, Wat Ek Phnom, Kamping Puoy reservoir, and Banan grape-wine farms, according to the official tourism of Cambodia.

To show you as mentioned above, I have found two videos that showed the beauty of this city through normal and drone videography:

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Video #1  titled 'The City of Battambang - Memory of the Old Time' that made by @homePhotography & Media Professional Studio. The places were highlighted such as Maison Wat Kor Boutique Hotel, Provincial Hall, Provincial National Bank, Sangke River, Phsar Nath Market, Grape Farm, and Bamboo train, Nori. Watch it out!

Video #2 titled 'Battambang Adventures by Drone' that made by MyAirControl. The highlighted places include Lok Ta Dambang Kronhoung, Sangke River, Provincial Hall, Phsar Nath Market, Rice Field, Banan Temple, Phnom Sampov, Wat Damrey Sor, and Bamboo train, Nori. Watch it out!

Sharing the beauty of city through words and videos are not enough, so you should go and get experienced there by yourself.

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Has something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

The Beauty of Battambang City [Video]

Cambodian Action Film 'Jail Break'

For recently years, Cambodian movie industry has gained more popularity among the country after the Ministry of Information ordered bans the broadcast of any foreign-made film between the hours of 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and was intended “to restore Cambodian culture and Khmer movies”, according to Radio Free Asia.

Seeing this trend, local filmmakers have been working hard to produce the qualified movies to fit national and international markets. If asking you what kind of Cambodian movies would you expect to watch: documentary, drama, comedy, adventure, romance, history, action, crime, horror, thriller etc.? For me, I like watching action films (Hollywood-made, Chinese-made, and Thai-made …), and this chance I wish to watch Cambodia-made ones as well.

Luckily, I had watched one film, Hanuman, produced by Kongchak Pictures – it is the Cambodia’s first action movie. So, what will be the next one to watch in the upcoming year, 2017?

- The Missing Picture
- The Last Reel 

Kongchak Pictures in association with Puprum Entertainment, a new startup company founded by two biggest film distributors: Sabay Digital Corporation and Westec Media Limited, have worked together for the action comedy adventure, JAILBREAK, which may do well for Cambodia comparing to regional neighbors.
What started as a simple escort mission will soon turn to chaos as the prisoners of Koh Kla take over the prison grounds. Five special task force officers trapped in the building will have to fight their way out for survival, as they wait for backup to come.
The film will be casting by Dara Our, star of Khmer first action movie Hanuman as well as Father’s Treasure, Before the Fall and The Forest Whispers. His co-lead is the Hollywood-level Jean Paul Ly, his action credits include stunt and fight work on Lucy, Now You See Me 2, Grimsby, 24, Streetfighter and more, recently Cuckoo. The other casts include Tharoth Sam, the first female Bokator Fighter to make it into the MMA League and winner of the One FC MMA Tournament in 2014, and Savin Phillip, who is also cast in Hanuman. It will be directed by Jimmy Henderson with estimated release in 2017.

For more information about this movie, please keep in touch on the official Facebook page here.

Can not wait to watch its official trailer, and what you will expect from the movie? Please share your thoughts below!

The Cambodian Action Movie 'Jailbreak' You Should Watch

Japanese Songs Contest

Have you ever heard about Nodojiman (or Japanese Song Contest) in Cambodia?

The Japanese Song Contest has been conducted annually for the purpose of promoting Japanese language education in Cambodia. Even though participating in a Japanese speech contest is a bit difficult for Japanese language beginners. Participating in the Japanese singing contest is easier and enjoyable for students at all levels.

From this point of view, the NODOJIMAN Contest has been organized every year as means of encouraging Japanese language students to practice the language through singing Japanese Song Contest. It is expected that understanding of Japanese culture and Japanese language among Cambodian student will be further promoted through this event.

What is Special in the 7th Contest?
This year is the first ever "Nodojiman Grand Championships Contest", which is organized by Embassy of Japan in Cambodia, in collaboration with the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC), will be held at the upcoming Japan-Cambodia Kizuna Festival 2016 on Saturday, 20 February 2016 at 2 pm. There will be 11 candidates selecting from the 1st to 3rd prize winners of the past 5 years will sing their songs in Japanese.

Find out the official poster below:
Nodojiman Grand Championships Contest Poster
List of Candidates:

  1. Ms. Ouk Sreymom
  2. Ms. Preashchan Inokuchi
  3. Mr. Kao Nirooth
  4. Mr. Dun Thatney
  5. Ms. Din Sophea
  6. Mr. Than Aronnrianbow
  7. Ms. Un Chan Veasna
  8. Mr. Teth Chansothea
  9. Mr. Por Sina
  10. Mr. Bunchheang Lyheang
  11. Mr. Srun Vandy

Who will be the Grand Champion among 11 contestants? Please come to cheer up the candidates.

Interested in attending this contest? Join now, it's FREE! Prior registration is not required. Seats are allocated on first come first served basis. Additionally, check out the full event schedule and more at Japan-Cambodia Kizuna Festival’s official Facebook event page. See you at the venue!

The First Ever Nodojiman Grand Championships Contest

Wat Botumvatey Public Playground, Phnom Penh
Where can I find public playgrounds for my kids to play for FREE in Phnom Pneh?

This is a question when you want to bring your kids or your pregnant wife or young sweeties to play at the outdoor public playgrounds where they can have endless fun for free. Personally, I have found few public play parks in the city, Phnom Penh, such as Wat Phnom Playground, Wat Botumvatey Playground, and Pochentong Children Park.

Where are those playgrounds at?
If you are living in the heart of city, you will find any nearest place where you would like to play at the following addresses (you can take a look thru Google Street View):

1. Wat Phnom Playground

2. Wat Botumvatey Playground

3. Pochentong Children Park

Through my own favorite place, I often take my son to play at Wat Botumvatey Playground - it is a good and big enough location but any way I will try other ones soon.

My son enjoys playing at Wat Botomvatey Playground on June 1, 2015
Do you know other parks beside these? If you know, please share by the comment below, and I really appreciate for your sharing.

Public Children Playground in Phnom Penh

Cambodia has a proud history of filmmaking. During the golden age of Cambodian cinema in the 1960s, over 300 films were made in the Kingdom. I am the one who love watching movies so I am optimistic about the future of Cambodian cinema. Today, a new generation of Cambodian filmmakers is receiving well-deserved recognition for their tireless work. Earlier this year, Rithy Panh’s “The Missing Picture” was the first Cambodian film to be nominated for an Academy Award. In October, film director Sotho Kulikar received the Spirit of Asia Award at the prestigious Tokyo International Film Festival for her entry “The Last Reel,” which opened the 5th Annual Cambodia International Film Festival on December 5-102014.
“The Last Reel” is the first full-length independent film by Hanuman Films, a Cambodian film production company runs by Kulikar. Joining the film as executive producer was American Lloyd Levin, who first came to Cambodia to work on the “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” film. At Hanuman Films, they are working to raise Cambodia’s profile by bringing more international film productions to the country.

I think movies can give a voice to the past, and this is true for “The Last Reel,” which explores the legacy of civil war and the shadow it has cast over the next generation. Kulikar hopes her film “will play its part in a long overdue healing process in Cambodia, by encouraging generations old and young to talk more openly about the past.” I wish her dream would come true soon too.

Ms. Sotho Kulikar - Director's Message:
The Last Reel is a film about the remaking of a lost film, by a first-time woman director about a first-time woman director that suggest the process of making and watching films can reconcile the past and the present, victims and their tormentors, parents and children.

About Director:
Sotho Kulikar was Line Producer on Tomb Raider in 2000. Via her production company Hanuman Films she has produced many films and documentaries, including Ruin (Special Jury Prize, Venice 2013). The Last Reel is her directorial debut. Born in 1973, Kulikar grew up during the Khmer Rouge regime, and the subsequent turmoil and civil war.
Film Synopsis: When Sophoun’s father demands an arranged marriage she flees her imploding home and seeks refuge in a decrepit cinema. There, she is shocked to discover an incomplete 1970s melodrama, a film which starred her much loved but now desperately ill mother as a glamorous young woman. With the help of the cinema’s elderly projectionist Sophoun re-makes the missing last reel of the film. By premiering the film forty years late she hopes to remind her mother of a life she’d once lived and to mend the psychological scars that still haunt her.
Director/Producer: Sotho Kulikar
Screenplay/Producer: Ian Masters
Producer: Murray Pope
Executive Producer: Lloyd Levin, Sotho Tan, Nick Ray
Cinematographer: Bonnie Elliot
Editor: Katie Flaxman
Composer: Christopher Elves
Sound Designer: Brooke Tresize
Please have a watch of the trailers (Khmer & English version):

Any comment would you like to share?

The Last Reel - Dom Fill Chong Krauey

While reading news on Internet and Facebook news feed yesterday evening, most of my friends shared and congratulated on "Cambodia's first Oscar nomination" then I have tried to read and search more detail. So, I found it! It is true, and it really makes me feel proud of that news as I am a movie hunter and Cambodian citizen too.
This Khmer movie titled "កង្វះរូបភាព (in Khmer language) or The Missing Picture" which directed by Cambodian famous film-maker, Mr. Rithy Panh.

As posted on the official Facebook page of the movie and stated on Oscar website, this is the first Academy Award nomination for Cambodia at the 86th  Oscar Academy Awards.

Does it the first Cambodia films submit to Oscar committee?
No, it is the third submission that Cambodia has submitted to Oscar, The Foreign Language Film Award Committee. The first Oscar submission, The Rice People "អ្នកស្រែ (Neak Sre)" - in 1994 at the 67th Academy Awards, is a Khmer language drama also directed by Mr. Rithy Panh, about a family of women struggling to survive after the death of the family patriarch from a foot infection. For the second submission, Lost Loves "ឃ្លាតទៅសែនឆ្ងាយ" - in 2012, is a drama film in the Khmer language that directed by Mr. Chhay Bora and based on real events - it is the first Cambodian film in more than 20 years to deal with facts during the Khmer Rouge era.

You can watch its trailer and find out more about the-Oscar award movie as the following:

Note: You can watch it by translation into Khmer language
Film SynopsisFew images exist of the brutality unleashed on Cambodia by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge following the Kampuchean Revolution in 1975. Using clay figures to stand in for himself, his family and the many Cambodians whose lives were destroyed during the years that followed, Rithy Panh recreates a dark and bloody period in his country's history.
Directed by: Rithy Panh
Produced by: Catherine Dussart
Written by: Rithy Panh
Narrated by: Randal Douc
Cinematography: Prum Mesa
Release dates: 19 May 2013 (Cannes)
Running time: 90 minutes
Language: French 
The Missing Picture it won the Best Foreign Language Film of Oscar Awards in a selection of other 4 Nominees: The Broken Circle Breakdown (Belgium), The Great Beauty (Italy), The Hunt (Denmark)
Omar (Palestine). 

SEE ALSO: The Last Reel

Have you watched all these movies yet?
Let's find good ways (online watch or book tickets?) to watch it all as possible!

My message for all Khmer film-makers:
In here, I would like to thank for all Cambodian film-makers especial Mr. Rithy Panh who has great effort to make our Khmer films nominated in the international stage, Oscar. I am really proud of them! This is a good sign that all newbies or professional local film-makers, Cambodia, could learn from the achievements.
For the final selection will be on March 2, 2014. So, please wish our film win the prize!!

Do you have something to share? Please drop it in comment below.

The Missing Picture - The First Cambodia Movie Gets Oscar Nomination

"Run" in Khmer "រត់" is a first Khmer zombie and 2D movie that produced by Khmer filmmaker, Arom Films. According to an actor whose name is Happy Man "កំលោះ រីករាយ" posted on his Facebook profile mentioned that this is the first Khmer Movie that our actors and film producer spend their value time to create it and push it to become a standard quality to compare to our country. This movie will be showed in Legend & Cineplex (Cambodia) and Korea country as Korea Movie Festival. They plan to include in US movie festival last September but cannot due to time constraint (Cambodia election, Democratic and other), budget and political. However, to show up Cambodian can do it, they have tried their best and make it happen.

Through my interview with him, he said most actors were volunteers, and they were newly (they don't have experiences to be the actor before).
Let have a look the trailer!

SYNOPSIS: Phnom Penh is changed after a deadly flu virus spreads through the city, turning its citizens into undead like creatures with a taste for flesh. Join a group of survivors who battle to stay alive through this turbulent event while trying to find out why this disaster occurred. Life in the city will never be the same again.
For more please visit the official Facebook page of the movie,

"Run" will be screened in Legend Cinemas (Cambodia) and Platinum Cineplex (Cambodia) on October 23, 2013, with Khmer language and English subtitle.

SEE ALSO: The First Cambodia Movie Gets Oscar Nomination

After watching this trailer, I really have an impression on it even the non-experienced actor but they all try the best to act well, and I do appreciate them all.

Let's go and watch the movie on that date together!

The First Khmer Zombie Movie "Run រត់"

Mr. Thet Chan Sothea
On Monday 24th of December 2012, NTV aired its final round of "Nodojiman Za! World 2012". It features amateur singers from across Japan who sing their hearts out before a nationwide audience, specifically for foreign residents who love singing J-Pop songs in Japanese.

Proudly, there's a Cambodian student who has a chance to be there along with getting back with the win!

Today around 2:00 pm, I met Cambodia representative and asked for short interview with related his presence during this event in Japan that I watched his performance on a video shared by a friend on Facebook, so it makes me feel proud to see him on the stage - that's a reason why I decide to share it here.
Do you know who is he, where he's from, why he has a chance to sing J-Pop song in Japan?
His name's Thet Chan Sothea who is pursuing his bachelor degree in The Japanese Language for Education in 4th year at Institute of Foreign Language (IFL), Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

What makes you be on NTV in Japan?
I was the first-prize winner of nationwide Nodojiman 2011 in Cambodia, that event organized by Embassy of Japan in Cambodia and CJCC, and then a local network of NTV in Cambodia found and contact me to sing in Japan. So the NTV network gave me three times to test my voice with other local winners, the number 2 & 3, and finally, I was selected to go to Japan. I have never thought I will be invited to sing in Japan such a chance!

How many do participants join?
There are 16 singers, from 12 nations (USA, France, Argentina, Norway, Australia, Italy, Romania, United Kingdom, Brazil, Turkey, Philippines  and Cambodia), who loves Japan and Japanese Music, and divided into four groups (A, B, C and D) with four participants each. The participant who gets the highest score in each group advances to the final round to compete against the other group winners. I am the first participant from Cambodia.

What do you feel when you are on the stage in Japan?
Yeah, before going up to the stage I met other participants from the 12 nations, I first feel not so compatible because it's my first time but other more times than me. What I am happy is to be warmly welcomed from all of them.
What I feel doubt is when the TV staffs asked me where I come from, and I told them I came from Cambodia; unfortunately, they seem they don't know our country unless I explain about the country where has Angkor Wat.

By the way, which country and who wins the prize?
Yes, there are only two countries, United Kingdom, Mr. Paul Ballard, and Cambodia, me. I got the Special Award/prize. To be easy to understand, he got the 1st prize, and I got the 2nd prize.

Check out the video below of Mr. Chan Sothea's performance:

Please keep in touch with him on Facebook.

You can check it out all participants profile here!

The First Cambodian Student Sings J-Pop during Nodojiman Za! World 2012 in Japan

Town Production VCD Vol 15, a new album that a former sweet voice singer, Ms. Sokun Nisa, from Hang Meas Production in Cambodia takes her step into. In this album I post here only a song sang by Mr. Karona Pich titled "Songsa knhom brong rot joal knhom hery - សង្សារខ្ញុំប្រុងរត់ចោលខ្ញុំហើយ [in Khmer script]". Some spots (like showing in the photo) shot in Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC).
Now, let's listen and watch to this sweet song....
More songs in this album, please visit here.

First Album of Cambodian Sweet Voice Singer, Ms. Sokun Nisa Protection Status © 2024