The First Khmer Zombie Movie "Run រត់"

"Run" in Khmer "រត់" is a first Khmer zombie and 2D movie that produced by Khmer filmmaker, Arom Films. According to an actor whose name is Happy Man "កំលោះ រីករាយ" posted on his Facebook profile mentioned that this is the first Khmer Movie that our actors and film producer spend their value time to create it and push it to become a standard quality to compare to our country. This movie will be showed in Legend & Cineplex (Cambodia) and Korea country as Korea Movie Festival. They plan to include in US movie festival last September but cannot due to time constraint (Cambodia election, Democratic and other), budget and political. However, to show up Cambodian can do it, they have tried their best and make it happen.

Through my interview with him, he said most actors were volunteers, and they were newly (they don't have experiences to be the actor before).
Let have a look the trailer!

SYNOPSIS: Phnom Penh is changed after a deadly flu virus spreads through the city, turning its citizens into undead like creatures with a taste for flesh. Join a group of survivors who battle to stay alive through this turbulent event while trying to find out why this disaster occurred. Life in the city will never be the same again.
For more please visit the official Facebook page of the movie,

"Run" will be screened in Legend Cinemas (Cambodia) and Platinum Cineplex (Cambodia) on October 23, 2013, with Khmer language and English subtitle.

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After watching this trailer, I really have an impression on it even the non-experienced actor but they all try the best to act well, and I do appreciate them all.

Let's go and watch the movie on that date together!

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