How Many Google Services Available in Khmer Language?

As my previous article about Khmer language listed in Google Translate during April 2013, and presently Google Street View project in Cambodia has been implementing nationwide - these all are the emerging investment of Google into Cambodia, so have you known today how many Google services which are available in Khmer language?

Personally there are three services (not count Google Search "Web & Image") available in Khmer now; they are Google Translate, Google Maps, and Google Drive.

How can I view them in Khmer language?
So, which Internet browser you use? I recommend using Google Chrome because it is faster and secure especially while using the Google services. Ok, any browser you want it! through my experiences it has two ways to view in Khmer (Google translate and Google Maps):

First trick: You have to go to address by typing the Google website into ( or then select or choose interface to Khmer (as mentioned below the search box), and last you can go to each service, so you can view it in Khmer.

Second trick: You have to type this following address to view of:
- Google Translate:
- Google Maps:
So, it will show you in Khmer language all.

As for how to view Google Drive, please follow the below:
- Go to your Google Drive ( , next go to Settings tab (at the top-right corner of browser) -> Go to Settings -> In General section: Language, choose Khmer language (ខ្មែរ) by scrolling at the bottom-> last, please Save your change.
Enjoy!! Now you can view the Khmer language as needed!

Finally, I hope sooner we might view in Khmer language of more Google services.

Chamnan Muon

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