Khmer Language Now Available on Google Translate

This morning while I am checking my Google+ profile, I got an notification alert from community of GDG Phnom Penh that shared a post about Khmer Language available on Google Translate. The news, it makes me feel so happy to hear, I think this info we are Khmer/Cambodian waiting for long.

It's a special gift for Cambodian users on occasion of Khmer New Year 2013.

What Google Translate team say about Khmer language for their service?
Today’s Khmer launch comes with these useful features: virtual keyboard (in case you want to type in Khmer but do not have Khmer keyboard handy) and ability to read Khmer text phonetically for users who don't read Khmer alphabet.
Google Translate Khmer Keyboard - Image source: Google Translate Blog
Khmer is a challenging language for translation systems for two reasons: There isn’t a lot of Khmer data on the web and words are not usually separated by spaces; so in addition to teaching our translation system a new language, it also has to learn how to separate words (what we call segmentation).

Over time, we will improve the system and make our Khmer translations better. We constantly improve our algorithm when we find new translations and learn from your alternative translations.
Thanks you - អរគុណអ្នក
Would you like to check this "Thanks you" on it? Find it here!

Finally, our language is stated on Google Translate. Bravo... Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder!!!

In personal, I would appreciate for Google Translate team and Cambodian Khmer language team for your hard effort to make it worldwide available. Thank you all so much!

Chamnan Muon

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