Public Children Playground in Phnom Penh -

Public Children Playground in Phnom Penh

Wat Botumvatey Public Playground, Phnom Penh
Where can I find public playgrounds for my kids to play for FREE in Phnom Pneh?

This is a question when you want to bring your kids or your pregnant wife or young sweeties to play at the outdoor public playgrounds where they can have endless fun for free. Personally, I have found few public play parks in the city, Phnom Penh, such as Wat Phnom Playground, Wat Botumvatey Playground, and Pochentong Children Park.

Where are those playgrounds at?
If you are living in the heart of city, you will find any nearest place where you would like to play at the following addresses (you can take a look thru Google Street View):

1. Wat Phnom Playground

2. Wat Botumvatey Playground

3. Pochentong Children Park

Through my own favorite place, I often take my son to play at Wat Botumvatey Playground - it is a good and big enough location but any way I will try other ones soon.

My son enjoys playing at Wat Botomvatey Playground on June 1, 2015
Do you know other parks beside these? If you know, please share by the comment below, and I really appreciate for your sharing.

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