Japan Characters Exhibition 2013 in Cambodia

In order to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Friendship between Japan and Cambodia, Embassy of Japan in Cambodia (EoJ) and Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) have co-organized an event, Japan-Cambodia Kizuna Festival, that will be held on 21-24 February 2013 at CJCC. During the event, there will be various cultural events and exhibitions such as Kendo, Aikido, Fashion Show, Quiz Game, Japanese Movie, Tea Ceremony, Mochi-Tsuki & Ombok, Nodojiman Contest, Characters Exhibition "JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters", and more.
The purpose of Japan-Cambodia Kizuna Festival
"which is the combination of CJCC Festival and Japan Week Festival of Embassy of Japan for the purpose of introducing Japanese traditional and modern culture in Cambodia and promoting cultural exchange between the two nations"

What interests me to post it here?
While I arrived my workplace, at lobby, where the exhibition displays, I am surprised to see these kind of dolls for the first time since I used to watch it some on cartoon movies. I personally think the word "Characters Exhibition" should be named "Dolls Exhibition", am I right? But any way it's the official name of the event.

Do you think all the dolls for kids?
Not at all, I have asked my co-worker, Japanese expert that the Japanese dolls are characterized by serene and delicate facial expressions and beautiful costumes. In Japanese culture these dolls are considered works of art instead of toys for kids. And the Japanese word for the dolls literally means human form. There are various types of Japanese dolls, they can represent children, warriors, fairy-tale characters, gods and people during their daily activities. The doll tradition is believed to have started around 300 B.C, but is still so much alive today. The dolls are still used for formal gift-giving, household shrines and festival celebrations such as Hinamatsuri, the doll festival, the one day festival, which celebrates the superstition that dolls can project people against evil spirits.

So let me show you some photos as the following:

What I like are Ultra-man and Kitty's Room, and how about yours?

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