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Who was the first person to jailbreak an iPhone?

Mr. George Hotz
It's not a kind of hot news for this article "the first person who jailbreaks iPhone" but I think every iPhone owner (who likes Jailbreak ones) should know him. So I am writing here for his short profile, who is he, and how old ....?

Mr. George Hotz or George Francis Hotz (alias geohot, million75 or simply mil) was born on October 2, 1989 in Glen Rock, New Jersey (N.J.). He is an American teen hacker.

Mr. Hotz started to jailbreak an iPhone since  he was in 17 years old, June 2007, when he became the first person to jailbreak an iPhone (became the first to free the iPhone from its AT&T U.S. SIM card restrictions).

Whose iPhone he unlock for?
He traded his 2nd unlocked 8 GB iPhone to Terry Daidone, the founder of Certicell, for a Nissan 350Z and three 8 GB iPhones. Since that time, there're other companies in group who start developing Jailbreak software.

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