Cambodia Mapping Competition with a baby nearby

Since I knew on how to use Google Map Maker (when I was in year 3 in the college, 2006), I have started mapping it so far, especially for my local business, attractive sites, public schools, and state offices etc. at my homeland, Takream commune, Banan district in Battambang province.

Do you know what is Google Map?
Now let me introduce it shortly as in quote "Google Maps is a map service that you view in your web browser. Depending on your location, you can view basic or custom maps and local business information, including business locations, contact information, and driving directions. Click and drag maps to view adjacent sections immediately. View satellite images of your desired location that you can zoom and pan."

So you know already what Google Map is, and then do you know what's Google Map Maker so?

Google Map Maker allows you to add and update geographic information for millions of users to see in Google Maps and Google Earth. By sharing information about the places you know, like your favorite restaurant, the baseball court where you go to play or the fastest path across your university campus, you can ensure the map accurately reflects the world around you. Your updates will be reviewed and, once approved, will appear online for the world to see.

In order to expand their map worldwide especially in an increasing economic & booming internet country, Cambodia. They, Google, had started its first campaign through Phnom Penh Google Technology User Group(PP-GTUG) in partnership with the second mobile operator in Cambodia, Smart Mobile, officially announced Cambodia Mapping Competition on 13 September 2012 for public with the following website,; by starting date from 15 October – 30 November 2012. It just finished yesterday.

I am also one of the 104 participants in this competition. All participants, I think they have each purpose to attend even myself.
For the winner will be offered the prize as the following:
• First Prize:  Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 16 GB 01
• Second Prize:  Samsung Galaxy Cooper 01
• Third Prize: External HDD 500 GB 01
• Fourth Prize:  Others
• Fifth, Sixth, Seventh Prize Others
* All Winner 1, 2 and 3 will be given 1 year FREE Call from Smart Mobile (10$ monthly).

For me, I have my own target to attend the competition since the beginning of the time, I told myself that I don't want to get any prize. Do you wonder why? The reason, my main purpose is to contribute what I know on the technology tool for my community or my country so this is a good chance to do so.

What my contribution through the competition (Google Map Maker) in Cambodia is nothing much; anywhere I mapped almost all I know well and for the new mapping locations like on the way from Phnom Penh to Prek Ambel in Kandal province, luckily I have a smartphone to help me (I always use it for) check-in on the place when I stopped or parked my lovely motorbike. During these duration, most I started mapping during my lunch time (when it's on working days), and for the night time, uhm...m, I used the take-care my son time to map it. While my beloved son got sleep, hehe... it was the time I contributed. 

Check it out, my Google Map Maker profile, to see my contribution! 

I think we know that it's a big effort for Cambodian participants to Google for its long term result but it also gives more benefits for our country in the future. I personally note that, since the edits result 15144 edits by the local organizer, I am very happy to see more location names appear in the Google Map. It will be more easy for me to go anywhere using mobile to find the place.

Finally, I very appreciate all participants who use their valuable time to contribute on this too. Let's keep mapping more!! Thank you all :-)!!!

Chamnan Muon

Chamnan Muon is a blogger by passion and an IT guy by profession who has a huge interest in Google Services, Social Media, Technology, Digital Marketing, Business, Startup, ASEAN, IoT, and 360 Photography. He is also a freelance ICT and digital marketing consultant, and trainer, speaker for Google products, esp. on Google Workspace, in Cambodia. facebook twitter instagram linkedin youtube pinterest medium reddit


  1. Good to know your mapping history. Hope more Cambodian will continue to contribute their local location knowledge on Google Mapmaker.

  2. Dear +Sovann Heng,
    I do hope so. And I also thank for your contribution as Regional Reviewer/Support so far.


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