Cambodian TV is booming!

Recent years, I personally noticed that TV industry is booming in the response to increasing of products/services advertise on TV; Nowadays there are about 14 TV channels in Cambodia broadcasting the nationwide and internationally.

What impress me to write this article?
I am really happy to see this booming but what I hate is every TV has the broadcasting time is less than their ads time, I know this is the way they make money from that why they try to create some programs new to attract the audience. Any way, what makes me impressed is the new technology that from-a-Karaoke-maker, Reaksmey Hang Meas Production, that establishes a first HD TV, Hang Meas HDTV, I can say it's a first one in Cambodia. And the second is a new TV established by the same company
,Cambodia Broadcasting Service Co., Ltd., that created a first TV brand, CTV, then MyTV, and recent month, they created a newly brand, CNC (stands for Cambodia News Channel); It's really nice idea.

All above is talking about broadcasting TV in public. So how about the paid TV?
Yes, refer to the word "paid TV" here, I would like to mention on the cable TV. For my own option I know only two companies that provides that service especially in Phnom Penh city today. They are Phnom Penh Municipal Cable TV (PPCTV) and Cambodia Cable Television (CCTV). As for the satellite TV, DTV Star under the company, Cambodian DTV Network Limited.

Do you know which one, cable TV, is the best?
For me, I have no idea about that but through my experience I think PPCTV is better than CCTV. Why I say so is based on its programs, and how about its price? Please find out together :-)!.

Presently I found a new channel called "CTV8 in Test Singal" do you ever watch it too?
I think this new TV is under the PPCTV that targets in public now. Oh...., and another new digital TV service, One TV, a new brand TV that established by a joint venture between the Cambodian holding Royal Group of Companies and the Russian company General Satellite. The main goal of the joint venture is to launch a pay digital terrestrial television service  (DVB-T, 60 channels) in Cambodia and to become a market leader in this new technology. 

The more new coming TVs in the market, the more easier with many options for users!

Chamnan Muon

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