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Google Doodles for International Women's Day 2015
Google Doodles for International Women's Day 2015
Do you know what is today? It is March 8, 2015, right? People around the world knows today exactly. It is a special day celebration for women worldwide!
International Women's Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future, according to
 This is my first post on the blog to celebrate this special day. So, I also have a special gift as Infographic image about Average Monthly Wages in Southeast Asia that illustrated by Asia Development Bank.

- Cambodia: $121 (Womem: $98, Men: $128)
- Lao PDR: $119 (Women: $107, Men: $126)
- Malaysia: $609 (Women: $595, Men: $617)
- Philippines: $206 (Women: $212, Men: $202)
- Singapore: $3,547 (Women: $2,921, Men: $3,972)
- Thailand: $357 (Women: $351, Men: $362)
- Viet Nam: $181 (Women: $169, Men: $189)

Find out more as the following Infograph:
Average Monthly Wages in Southeast Asia by ADB

I hope the gift will be more than special for all women today. Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day 2015

Have you felt hot for few days during daytime and nighttime in our country, Cambodia?
Love the Earth by Saving Energy
Personally I do not notice it seriously because I have known about Global Warming not only Cambodia but in the world increasing presently; but last week when I drove out for doing my personal issue on break time, I noticed that it was so hot for me during the day and night times.

This is the reason reminds me on one-year-ago social event "Project Cooling Cambodia - Love the Earth by Saving Energy" I had joined which invited and organized by Mrs. Lay Sotheany with her friend named Ms. James who both of them had attended the Leadership Training Program in Japan of IATSS FORUM and brought back along with this fruitful project. At the event that was celebrated in Chaktomuk Primary School last year, I really enjoyed with her team, some volunteers from ANZ Royal bank, working together to explain the younger students on how to save energy and got them draw a nice green-environment house in group then competed each other to find the best photo; the winner group grained nice gifts (books, pens...).

What I learned from this social event?
I was so pleased to see the younger generations knowing this issue and brought back this information to tell their parents. 
What the project would recommend them to know and I got from as following:
1. Turn off the lights when you leave the room
2. Play outside instead of watching TV
3. Turn off water when you brush your teeth
4. Use the "U shape" light bulb
5. Don't leave the refrigerator door open
6. Open the windows for light & cool air
7. Tell mom & dad, Tell sister & brother, Tell friends
Group Photo
These are not only their issue or me or you but our all because you and I also are a member of a family, community, society, country and a globe.

For me, I have some idea similarly to the above tips but all I practice it everyday, and I think all what I would share here, you my beloved readers do it as well.
They are as the following:
1. Turn off the lights when leave the rooms (office, house, rest room etc.)
2. Take out chargers when finish charging the electronic devices (mobile phone, laptop ...)
3. Switch motorbike's engine off when the traffic light-stop ranges greater that 30s and less that 60s then start it at 10s
4. Tell family members (wife, kids, nephew, niece, friends ...) on Global Warming issue

It Saves You Money, Safe Your Security, Save Your Family's Expense, Save the Earth!!

The Global Warming issue is considering by over the world but it starts from you!!!

If you have any more personal idea, kindly share it for me too, and kindly share this if you love the GREEN like me as well.

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