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Japanese Songs Contest

Have you ever heard about Nodojiman (or Japanese Song Contest) in Cambodia?

The Japanese Song Contest has been conducted annually for the purpose of promoting Japanese language education in Cambodia. Even though participating in a Japanese speech contest is a bit difficult for Japanese language beginners. Participating in the Japanese singing contest is easier and enjoyable for students at all levels.

From this point of view, the NODOJIMAN Contest has been organized every year as means of encouraging Japanese language students to practice the language through singing Japanese Song Contest. It is expected that understanding of Japanese culture and Japanese language among Cambodian student will be further promoted through this event.

What is Special in the 7th Contest?
This year is the first ever "Nodojiman Grand Championships Contest", which is organized by Embassy of Japan in Cambodia, in collaboration with the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC), will be held at the upcoming Japan-Cambodia Kizuna Festival 2016 on Saturday, 20 February 2016 at 2 pm. There will be 11 candidates selecting from the 1st to 3rd prize winners of the past 5 years will sing their songs in Japanese.

Find out the official poster below:
Nodojiman Grand Championships Contest Poster
List of Candidates:

  1. Ms. Ouk Sreymom
  2. Ms. Preashchan Inokuchi
  3. Mr. Kao Nirooth
  4. Mr. Dun Thatney
  5. Ms. Din Sophea
  6. Mr. Than Aronnrianbow
  7. Ms. Un Chan Veasna
  8. Mr. Teth Chansothea
  9. Mr. Por Sina
  10. Mr. Bunchheang Lyheang
  11. Mr. Srun Vandy

Who will be the Grand Champion among 11 contestants? Please come to cheer up the candidates.

Interested in attending this contest? Join now, it's FREE! Prior registration is not required. Seats are allocated on first come first served basis. Additionally, check out the full event schedule and more at Japan-Cambodia Kizuna Festival’s official Facebook event page. See you at the venue!

The First Ever Nodojiman Grand Championships Contest

Mr. Thet Chan Sothea
On Monday 24th of December 2012, NTV aired its final round of "Nodojiman Za! World 2012". It features amateur singers from across Japan who sing their hearts out before a nationwide audience, specifically for foreign residents who love singing J-Pop songs in Japanese.

Proudly, there's a Cambodian student who has a chance to be there along with getting back with the win!

Today around 2:00 pm, I met Cambodia representative and asked for short interview with related his presence during this event in Japan that I watched his performance on a video shared by a friend on Facebook, so it makes me feel proud to see him on the stage - that's a reason why I decide to share it here.
Do you know who is he, where he's from, why he has a chance to sing J-Pop song in Japan?
His name's Thet Chan Sothea who is pursuing his bachelor degree in The Japanese Language for Education in 4th year at Institute of Foreign Language (IFL), Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

What makes you be on NTV in Japan?
I was the first-prize winner of nationwide Nodojiman 2011 in Cambodia, that event organized by Embassy of Japan in Cambodia and CJCC, and then a local network of NTV in Cambodia found and contact me to sing in Japan. So the NTV network gave me three times to test my voice with other local winners, the number 2 & 3, and finally, I was selected to go to Japan. I have never thought I will be invited to sing in Japan such a chance!

How many do participants join?
There are 16 singers, from 12 nations (USA, France, Argentina, Norway, Australia, Italy, Romania, United Kingdom, Brazil, Turkey, Philippines  and Cambodia), who loves Japan and Japanese Music, and divided into four groups (A, B, C and D) with four participants each. The participant who gets the highest score in each group advances to the final round to compete against the other group winners. I am the first participant from Cambodia.

What do you feel when you are on the stage in Japan?
Yeah, before going up to the stage I met other participants from the 12 nations, I first feel not so compatible because it's my first time but other more times than me. What I am happy is to be warmly welcomed from all of them.
What I feel doubt is when the TV staffs asked me where I come from, and I told them I came from Cambodia; unfortunately, they seem they don't know our country unless I explain about the country where has Angkor Wat.

By the way, which country and who wins the prize?
Yes, there are only two countries, United Kingdom, Mr. Paul Ballard, and Cambodia, me. I got the Special Award/prize. To be easy to understand, he got the 1st prize, and I got the 2nd prize.

Check out the video below of Mr. Chan Sothea's performance:

Please keep in touch with him on Facebook.

You can check it out all participants profile here!

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