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Smartphone Apps in Cambodia

Smartphones have become a necessity nowadays. Android is the biggest and most used Operating System in the world. The open platform of Android means that anyone can get access to it and design apps for different purposes. The apps of different kinds have caused a great change in the way we behave in our personal lives. Add to it the number of online marketplaces which have recently emerged in Cambodia. People are busy in their daily lives and don’t have much spare time to run daily errands or visit shops. Online shopping takes care of that.  Apart from online shopping, Android has also changed lives of people of Cambodia through the following ways:
Get Internet Access 24/7
Internet is the need of the hour. From our social media to bank accounts, everything is now on internet. Smartphones and the arrival of 4G internet means that people have access to blazing fast internet in their pockets at all times. This means that you are connected to the world 24/7. This is a great chance for the ecommerce industry to prosper as customers can easily go online on websites like Littlefashion or Kaymu Cambodia and shop on the go.

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Find Places in an Instant
Google Maps have revolutionized the way we travel. Whenever we want to travel to a new place, we log onto Google Maps and see which the shortest route to the destination is. We can also see the traffic burden and easily get to one place to another. GPS in our android phones also help us in this process by giving us a live guide of the route.

Get Fit!
Apps like Google Fit, Samsung S Health, and MyFitnessPal allow users to record their calories, see the calories burnt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Smartphones have GPS and location tracking ability with which we can determine our daily caloric intake and keep a record of our dietary habits. Not only is this a motivation to stay healthy but it also allows users to stay fit. The road to a healthy lifestyle starts with such Android apps.

Weather Updates on Your Fingertips
One of the best uses of smartphones is to get access to instant weather changes. Your smartphone can instantly alert you of any changes in the weather. Any chance of rain or bad weather you may encounter can easily be known with updates directly on your phone. This means you can travel with complete peace of mind and make arrangements according to the weather.

Become a Part of the Global Village
With access to blazing fast internet on your fingertips, you can get updates from any corner of the world. You can easily communicate with your relatives and friends in different parts of the world. This also means that cellular network companies in Cambodia are increasingly under threat of lower profits as customers are using smartphone communication apps like Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp and Viber.

These are some of the major positive changes Android has made to the way people spend their lives in Cambodia. With the growth of ecommerce and the arrival of online marketplaces like ECamShopping, you can be sure that the lifestyles of Cambodians will change even more in the coming few years.

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5 Ways Smartphones Changed Our Lives in Cambodia

During the first Google event in Cambodia, DevFest Phnom Penh 2013, last week, Mr. Divon Lan who is a Product Manager Emerging Market, Google, said that Khmer language will be included into Android 4.4 or so-called Android KitKat while he presented a Keynote by Google Representative "Innovation at Google".

The good news it will be an alert for long-waiting android users in Cambodia to hear their language officially released in this new version of Android OS; meaning that from Android 4.4 up to, we no need to root or install any apps to use Khmer Unicode anymore, the language will be embedded into Android firmware. Are you happy to hear that?

The Android will use the Google font “Noto Sans Khmer, it is similar to Nokora” which designed by Mr. Danh Hong. Have you checked it out on any Android devices with the version yet?

I am so happy to see Khmer language included in Android 4.4.
Note: All new features will be released firstly into all Google devices OS such as Nexus 5, if interested buy it here (it's not available to purchase online in Cambodia market yet)! 

Finally, Cambodian Android users will enjoy using their language easily. And I would like to thank for Android developer team and Cambodian related institutes or persons who make the nation language appears in this Google product, Android KitKat.

Let's use our language as much as possible in order to improve or promote our nation!

Khmer Language Officially Be in Android 4.4, KitKat

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