Happy Khmer New Year 2020!

Happy Khmer New Year 2020 by Muon Chamnan

Within this year 2020, Khmer New Year 2020 is going to be celebrated on Tuesday, April 14 to Thursday, 16 April 2020.

These three days called:
  • Maha Songkran for the first day
  • Virak Wanabat for the second day, and
  • Virak Loeurng Sak for the final day.

Based on our beliefs, the Angel of the Pig 2019 shall transfer her duties to the Angel of the Rat 2020 celebrating on April 14, 2019. "The 2nd angel (Koreak Tevy) of the daughter of God (Kabel Mohaprom) who is a new angel to continue watching our country. She wears an aromatic flower Ankeabos tucked behind her ear and pearls around her neck. And drinks oil, carries a sword with her right hand and a cane with her left hand. Koreak Tevy rides the tiger."

To take this wonderful chance, I would like to say Happy Khmer New Year 2020 to all Cambodian people and the rest of the world and wish you all the best for the upcoming Cambodian New Year 2020 to all my friends, colleague, families, beloved readers, and people around the world. Please, the Year of the Rat's angel wishes all be blessed with a peaceful and prosperous living for the whole year.

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Within these three-day holidays, wish you all stay home and stay safe 🙏

Rikreay Chhnam Thmei! Have a wonderful safety and healthy!

Please let me know, and let share me your message or idea below.

Chamnan Muon

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