Valentine’s Day in The Digital Age

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Ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day have changed over time. Earlier, there were cards, flowers, and candlelit dinners, etc. Today couples express their loves to each other on Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, etc. Though technological advancement has given us more ways to express our feelings for our partners, we still haven’t decided if this is a good thing or bad.
We’re not sure what’s more romantic, either texting or tweeting your partner or buying a card and then writing a personal message for your sweetheart. But, surely, texting or tweeting is much more convenient, if not romantic.

Love in the Time of Internet 
Writing a love letter is petrifying than writing an affectionate status for your partner on Facebook. For long distance couples, the internet is the major source of celebrating the day. Posting a status or uploading pictures with your partner is one of the most romantic ways to express your love in front of the world.

Moreover, you can video chat with your partner if they are not present with you on this Valentine’s Day. Send songs or video messages to your partner to fulfill your absence. Since video chatting is like having one on one conversations, you can both eat dinner together at your own ends, and make the best out of the situation. This will surely make their days.

Buying Gifts for Your Valentine Online 
Since online shopping is on the rise these days, the digital age gives you a chance to sit back at home and order a gift for your valentine online. Online retailers such as Kaymu offers a variety of gifts at affordable prices for customer convenience. If you want to get something other than the cliche gifts, the internet provides you unique online ideas for valentine gifts.

Some may argue that offline shopping is more romantic, reflecting the effort and commitment you give to your relationship. But who really cares about online or offline shopping if the gift you buy for your valentine lit up their faces.

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Couple Conflicts due to Tech Devices
Many people put a Valentine’s Day reminder on their smartphones to greet their partners on time. It might not sound romantic but it’s definitely better than completely forgetting about the day.

Since smartphones and other such devices take a lot of your time, they often make your partner feel neglected. Couples while on a date on valentine’s night might be more interested in taking selfies or putting Snapchat stories on social media, rather than spend quality time with each other.

Not sharing passwords with each other, texting, or being active on social sites that are not liked by your partner are major reasons for conflicts. You might have dreamt of a romantic valentine’s day but you might not know what will make your partner angry.  

Valentine’s Day in this age might not seem terribly romantic, but it is your feelings that matter. The creativity of the digital world with regard to this day cannot be ignored. Planning valentine parties and online shopping at retail stores like, enables you to spend a happy and cheerful Valentine’s Day.

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