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GoGoCambodia Campaign
Phnom Penh: A new campaign called GoGoCambodia was announced to start implementing on the afternoon of 02 January 2016 at AEON Mall with the presence of a group of youth, successful entrepreneurs, national championships, popular football players and celebrities, and hundreds of others.
GoGoCambodia is a national campaign, initiated by a group of youth members of You & I, aiming to mobilize Cambodian pride in various sectors from education to national defense, and translate the will to a platform whereby every single Cambodian can show his/her individual pride as a Cambodian and a Cambodia’s pride at large to the international community.

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GoGoCambodia adopts the perspective that if anyone could accomplish a task which is useful for developing and promoting national pride, others may also do well. The campaign urges all Cambodian next generations believe that the country is the best choice for their future.

Check out this video below!

ដល់ពេលដែលយើងម្នាក់ៗ ប្រាប់ទៅកាន់ពិភពលោកទាំងមូលថា "យើងមានមោទនភាពជាខ្មែរ"#GoGoCambodiaអរគុណចំពោះម្ចាស់រូបទាំងអស់ និងភ្លេង។
Posted by GoGoCambodia on Saturday, January 2, 2016

Keep in touch with the campaign on its official Facebook page.

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