Nokia Lumia series officially to launch on 9th April in Cambodia

Lumia 920 | Source: Nokia
Since last year news on Nokia Lumia series in Cambodia and the news of Nokia HQ sold out its office, there is any news on the official selling Lumia series in Cambodia. Today I am writing to inform you that I got an official news on launching the series from Mr. Son Sophea who is a promotional team, Nokia project in Cambodia, yesterday that Nokia Lumia series will be officially launched on 9th April 2013 from 4:00pm to 9:30pm in Koh Pich Exhibition Center.

Who will attend?
He said that participants will be all Nokia dealers who come from 24 provinces in our country, the Nokia promotional team, and KTH Cambodia (which the official Nokia distributor in Cambodia). We will invite some Cambodia popular singers such as Mr. Preab Sovath, Miss. Tep Boprek, Mr. Chhai Virayuth, and so on for entertainment during the event.

What kind of Lumia model to show?
Yeah, we will show all Nokia Lumia series like Lumia 920 (colors: Yellow, Red, White, Grey, Black), Lumia 820 (colors: Red,Yellow, White, Cyan, Purple, Grey,Black), Lumia 720 (colors: Red, White, Cyan, Yellow, Black) , Lumia 620 (colors: Black, Cyan, Lime green, Magenta, Orange, Yellow, White), and  Lumia 520 (colors: Red, White, Cyan, Yellow, Black) with the above colors  to choose.

Will there be any lucky draw for participants?
Oh! We have arranged the lucky draw items for them too, there are two motorbike of Honda Dream 2013, and other several units of Lumia 920. So, the participants will enjoy much on this upcoming event.

Finally, I asked him a last question on the date when these models will be available on Cambodian market, he said customers may buy it during our upcoming Khmer New Year 2013.

So, for those who love and believe on Nokia brand especially on Windows Mobile Phone, only few days more to go then you can buy it in our market, Cambodia.

Which model and color do you like?
All my beloved readers, do you like which model and what color? I think you may wanna try it especially on its cool feature, Wireless battery charge.  

What do you think?

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