Hello Axiata to Buy Smart Mobile for Merge

Few year ago, Smart Mobile had merged with StarCell (prefix. 098) by using Smart Mobile's brand, and now omitted StarCell. Today I got news from my nephew late evening that Hello and Smart Mobile will be merged together, so I take my mobile to surf on press release of official website of Hello Axiata Company Limited ("Hello") announced the strategic merger of Hello and Latelz Company Limited ("Latelz"), which operates under the Smart Mobile brand name. And the merger will create the 2nd largest mobile telecommunications company in Cambodia with 5 million subscribers; for this point I used to hear directly from Smart Mobile's HR manager through attending his training with Aplus School at CJCC this year that his company now stands in number 2 (Mobitel "Cellcard" is number 1) of all 9 mobile operators in Cambodia.
Hello Axiata Chief Executive Officer Simon Perkins said:
"The time was right for consolidation in the mobile telecommunications market in Cambodia. Currently there are nine players in the market and we believe through consolidations it will come down to three to five operators. The time is right for us to consolidate and we at Smart Mobile and Hello are proud to be leading the way in Cambodia. And the merger would make it possible for the combined entity to enjoy better economies of scale, while eliminating duplication of costs. It will also facilitate synergies and the sharing of best practices between Hello Axiata and Smart Mobile.

We are confident that the merger will put us on a stronger footing and it will allow us to grow from strength to strength,"
As for Latelz’s CEO Thomas Hundt said:
"The combined entity would be able to offer more innovative and affordable mobile voice and mobile data products and services to its five million customers. Smart Mobile brings to this deal an efficient operation, a highly competent work force, a strong brand presence and a sizeable asset base and spectrum. Hello, on the other hand, has to offer a loyal customer base and the strength and scale of the Axiata Group.

We are excited with the prospects this enlarged within-network community can offer our customers. This will include, amongst others, an enhanced level of customer service and one of the biggest mobile networks of Cambodia in terms of coverage and capacity. We will also have one of the most extensive sales and distribution channels in Cambodia. And we expect the merger to be finalised latest by the end of first quarter 2013. Until then, it will be business as usual at both Hello and Smart Mobile without disruptions to the services that our customers currently enjoy."
 From this official press news and Smart Mobile's website, I don't see any points which mention on how many percent of each company deal with. But I found an post from telecomasia.net stating that Hello Axiata plans to acquire and merge with Latelz Company in a $155 million deal and will reportedly own 90% of the converged company.

Anyway, If Hello buys Smart Mobile using Smart Mobile brand name so all Hello points will be re-designed to be as Smart Store. And I hope the two merges will offer the users/subscribers in Cambodia with various services (better Internet speed/coverage...) in cheaper prices (local or roaming service), better customer services for them.

Finally, I still like the marketing concept of new creative promotion TV spot of Smart Mobile such as "Smart Xchange"; I can say this spot is new creative one for mobile ads on TVs in Cambodia, it's an updated spot based on today-tech, Cloud Computing. You can watch from this official TV spot in its Youtube:

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