SBC Bank, First Bank Launches Mobile Banking App for Android, Apple iOS, and BlackBerry Platforms -

SBC Bank, First Bank Launches Mobile Banking App for Android, Apple iOS, and BlackBerry Platforms

The first bank in Cambodia to launch mobile banking app for Android, Apple iOS, and BlackBerry platforms. For my own view, I hope that other banks in Cambodia should think and transfer from the existing way (using web browsers) to use the application because now smartphones market here, Cambodia, grow increasingly year by year. What should other banks think the small point differentiate from this bank, SBC Bank, I think they should offer for their customers for free to access via the app even the bank says this charge for sending secure SMS PIN to customers' mobiles. Short profile of SBC Bank "For more than 10 years, Singapore Banking Corporation Limited (SBC Bank) has grown and become a part of Cambodia, to serve the personal and business banking needs of customers. Since our incorporation in 1993, we have grown from strength to strength to become one of the most dynamic institutions in terms of banking, customer and community services in Cambodia. Today, we manage to achieve a strong position in Cambodia because our relationship with our valued customers, are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to a relationship that is unparalleled and strives to be more "customer driven" than our competitors. That extra level of service begins by identifying our customer needs more readily and more accurately and then to respond more quickly and more satisfactorily. Such success translates into more loyal customers who are more willing to use our products and services and to refer new business."

SBC mBanking App: Android Market | App Store | BlackBerry App World

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  1. Hi Mr. Chamnan,

    We noticed your great blog and your suggestion in having our bank to offer customers with no fee for sending secured OTP (One Time Password) via SMS to customers’ mobiles.

    We have definitely heard you and we value your suggestion! With immediate effect, we will offer free OTP for our customers.

    Thank you.

    SBC Bank iBanking & mBanking Team

  2. Dear SBC Bank iBanking & mBanking Team,

    I am really happy to see your nice offer for free. And may I know when this cool offer takes into effect?

    With thanks,

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